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Unison Genealogy

Old Houses in the Unison Village

The heart and history of every town and village are written in the structures and facades of its dwelling and buildings. Situated in a rural area of southwest Loudoun County, Virginia, Unison village is clustered around a dogleg crossroads and contains approximately twenty properties that front along its two main roads: Unison and Bloomfield Roads. Officially established by the General Assembly in 1813 the village contained a portion that had been surveyed out into ten -acre lots a year earlier. The period of greatest development in the village occurred shortly after its establishment and continued until the Civil War. During that time, houses were built along with commercial, religious, and transportation-related resources. The majority of buildings are dwellings and their associated outbuildings and are generally sited right along the road, with the exception of the more rural properties located at the west and east ends of the village. The village reveals a long history in the interesting mix of dwellings that comprise centuries of building styles, designs, and businesses.

We have collected photographs and short histories of each of the notable houses within the village, as well as several important properties just beyond the bounds of the village within 1 mile. Each house and dwelling listed in the tables below is linked to a page with photographs and history of that particular dwelling. All color photographs were all taken in June 2010, unless noted otherwise.

Houses and buildings
within the Village of Unison

Please click on each listing below to open a page to that building and history

Notable houses and properties
near Unison (within 1 mile)

Please click on each listing below to open a page to that building and history

We are currently in the process of adding to this listing, and will upload each page as each is completed.

All photographs by Flora Hillman. All Rights Reserved.